In today’s market, proper evaluation and screening is essential while picking the employees for any size company. This can only be done when a reliable Recruitment process Outsourcing unit is selected. ARS Global solutions help the clients in recruiting better candidates. They also ensure that the right candidates are appointed for the positions needing maximum attention. This is done by following strict guidelines specifically designed for the ARSGS employed recruiters

ARSGS follows 4 important steps in ensuring proper quality of recruit and lesser time. These four steps are Requirement analysis of the company, sourcing, screening and closing the process.

In the first step the skilled professional team discusses thoroughly with the company their exact requirement and demands. Based on those key features ads are posted in various social media circle thus trying to cover as much area as possible.

A team is allotted for each function like screening, short listing, questioning. These teams constantly and tirelessly work towards selecting the right and best candidate for the vacancies. They also ensure that the major strengths and plus points of the specific selected candidates are highlighted for the clients to see. This ensures short listing in exact and required categories.

The right candidate is selected and sourced to the company site while the procedure verification and document checks are carried out at the same time by the parallel running team. This helps in avoiding any kind of inclusions like black listed, false or incompetent candidates.

Once the candidate is outsourced to the site an Induction Program is carried out that ensures a comfortable introduction between the employer and employee. The newly recruited candidates are familiarized with the work principal, environment and basic job requirements.

Once all the required steps are carried out then the post is closed for any further enquiries to avoid disturbances or in flow of applications.


  • Our RPO solution offers the following business benefits to you:
  • Increase your recruiting bandwidth on-demand
  • Increase efficiency of internal staff by offloading time consuming activities like sourcing and screening
  • Lower your recruiting cost using offshore resources
  • Improve candidate hit ratios with thorough technical screening