We at ARS Global Solutions provide clients with some of the major service requirements of today’s market. The main reason for selecting our services is the lower cost of the service provided along with higher quality of recruits. Our dedicated team of highly efficient and skilled professionals, work round the clock in bringing about upgraded and quicker means of inventories to improve the services we provide.

Services provided by ARSGS includes

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

 This is a very effective way to control the cost and quality of work done. This is a multi-facet program that can benefit a company in many ways. Proper talent identification, strategic plotting, market study and resource channelization can be done using the Recruitment Process Outsourcing program of ARSGS.

Hybrid RPO Model

Whenever two superior variants of products are clubbed in a right way, a higher and better variant is bound to arise. At ARSGS, in the Hybrid RPO model the general RPO unit works side by side in collaboration with the company’s internal Vendor service program (VSP). This helps in cutting down the company recruitment cost to a greater percentage.

24/7 Sourcing

Distortion in the economy along with variety of other reasons like attrition, calamities, internal upheaval etc. can lead to a major discrepancy in the work force. To avoid any issues ARS Global services have a 24/7 sourcing team appointed for the company to help in maintaining the flow of work smoothly.

Dedicated Resources

Complex logistics like setting up structural units, assignment of improved staffing system, making technologically advanced and complex decisions, compliant attitude management and application, requires dedicated flow of resources that can be very aptly provided by ARSGS.

Full-Cycle RPO

Full Cycle RPO service provided by ARSGS ensures that the recruitment of candidates is not only carried out successfully but also the time required in various steps in the process of selection is done aptly and correctly. From selection to running background checks and training of candidates, all these phases are carried out by the Full Cycle RPO unit of ARSGS.

Campus Placements

ARSGS provides Campus Placementservices for various companies through pooled on and Off Campus Placement. These kinds of selection procedures help both the company as well as the institutions in identifying and recruiting better talents.