Full-Cycle RPO

It is essential for a company to have a full time RPO unit that can constantly function in smooth sailing of the fleet. A dedicated Full Cycle RPO functions exactly in this mode to avoid any kind of mishaps during the recruitment procedure. ARSGS has a team of extremely well trained and qualified professionals who have a unique knack and keen observation skills that they use every possible time when the requirement for best recruit selection arrives.

The recruitment procedure done by a Full Cycle RPO is divided into segments at ARSGS for better clarity and quality.

Phase 1 – Ads are posted on various social media circle along with the specific requirements and demand. As resumes and applications pour in, slotting and categorization, candidates are filtered out as per their skills and as per the company requirements. It is essential to pool out the candidates of superior capabilities from the filtered list to make the assessment procedure easier. This is generally done based on the candidates experience, previous work profile and core strengths

Phase 2 – Based on the short listed candidate’s resumes, specific and customized questionnaires are prepared to asses them further and understand the exact capabilities. These questions also are helpful in making us understand how and in which areas and segments of the company they can be placed so as to reap the benefit of their better knowledge about the specific subject.

Phase 3 – Background verification, document assessment, placement, training and guidance of the candidate Once the candidate is selected it is essential to understand the authenticity of the candidate. Thorough background check to ensure there is no hidden skeletons in the closet along with document verification to avoid duplicity or forgery is carried out. This is followed by placement and training of the candidate.