Hybrid RPO Model

The world is modifying as per the requirement of the Gen Y. Hybridization is the new pool now, but many might be surprised by the word Hybrid RPO. When more than one segment of disparate segment models are combined for a faster and improved recruitment then Hybrid RPO model is born. Hybrid RPO Model is one of the most advanced new systems introduced that helps in speeding the process of Recruitment and is believed to be much more cost effective module.

At ARSGS Recruitment process outsourcing department work in collaboration with the Vendor service program (VSP). This provides the company with better talent identification and faster acquisition. The question that remains is why and how can this new advanced integrated program help? The newly hired team of advanced talent can be trained and shaped as per the requirement of the company thus allowing them all the support required in the hiring process. Thus this helps in improving the compliance factor to a greater level while simultaneously reducing the attritional rate, which is a very important cause of instability within the company workforce. The cost per hire rate is significantly reduced to a bare minimal required amount while parallel to that; the hiring of managing rate is improved.

Two major hybridization techniques applied at ARSGS

On site employment along with new service centre is one of the common hybridization technique being introduced by ARSGS. This in combination with very thorough quarterly business reviews is believed to be helpful in standardizing a consistent working system and improvising the managerial hiring satisfaction. The centralization of the internal working team and better technological phases are also simultaneously seen because of the Hybrid programs.

Customization of the questionnaires tailored specifically for each candidate during the selection procedure helps in assessing and identifying the core strength and weakness of the person. This in turn makes it easy for the hiring team in understanding where to place the candidate to channelize his or her strength to improve the company further.