Recruitment Process Outsourcing

ARS Global Solutions has one of the best RPO units. The RPO unit of ARSGS can very efficiently help in talent mapping, resource management and strategic planning for the improvement of the company. With technological modifications and new updates coming in every few seconds selection of a genuinely intelligent and apt candidate is a very complex job. Many a time internal human resource of a large company cannot handle this selection procedure from among a large pool filled with aspiring employees. ARSGS can help reduce these complexities. Given today’s scenario and economic environment, cost control and efficient monetary evaluation is an important part of any company infrastructure. Hiring criteria and requirements are modifying each minute just based on the market Sensex.

Each minute the clock ticks it accounts for a penny gone. Resume collection, assortment of the likely candidates, interviews, selection, processing and recruitment is a long procedure that requires ample time and thus accounting for money spent. We, at ARS global services help in collaborating with the company in providing a pooled out selection of candidates, by the outsourcing program and thus saving time and money

The stock exchange rise and fall always affect the companies resulting in downsizing or expansion. During downsizing or expansion there always is an unnecessary unrest within the company resulting in cost rise. This is easily handled by ARS Global Services as streamlining of the recruitment is done which not only reduces the operational cost but also helps in avoiding poorer hiring decisions.

The Recruitment process outsourcing unit helps in verifying the areas of the business that requires more concentration than the other. Areas where there are overlaps, negligence, decreases work flow, is often left unnoticed thus bringing down the quality of the company as a whole. The life expectancy and efficiency of the company is improved once these discrepancies are sorted and thus this is where we ARS Global services are.

Our Recruitment Process

RPO – Performance driven Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services. Under our RPO services we provide full-time dedicated recruiter(s) with all the necessary skills, tools and technologies for US recruitment process. Here, the offshore dedicated team or dedicated resource will work as your shadow team in India to support your recruitment process fulfillment. All these for fraction of your costs!

Source Active and passive candidates matching the positions.

Posting the job description & requirements on the job portals and perform internet search.

Resume screening and response handling with Technical Check / Skills Match.

Call the short listed candidates to check their availability and discuss the requirement.

Negotiate rates with the consultants as per requirements and submit profiles to your account managers.

Response Tracking
Regular reporting, response management and coordination.