Utility Mapping

ARSGS has completed Electric asset mapping for several towns in our country, right from DGPS survey to geodatabase creation under RAPDRP Project. The methodology adopted for this project:

  1. Processing of satellite imagery & geo-referencing of project area.
  2. Creation of satellite imagery base map of project area.
  3. DGPS survey and mapping of each network entity and landmark.
  4. Creation of digital network map of project area.
  5. Door-to–door customers survey for indexing and linking with network entity.
  6. Design and collection of entities & customers attribute data.
  7. Linking of each customer to its source of power supply on satellite imagery base map
  8. Linking the Customer database with the base map and electricity network entities database with the electricity network map.
  9. Establishing relationship between electricity network entities database and Customer database so that electricity network entities can be referred spatially in relation to geographical/land based features.
  10. Finally creation of PGDB.

Utility Mapping_1Utility Mapping_2











Cadastral and Parcel Mapping

Cadastral and Parcel Mapping_1

  • ARSG has a large, dedicated digitizing team specialized in rapid and cost-effective parcel mapping.
  • Parcel mapping is the foundation of land boundary identification, ownership and transfer.
  • We provide advanced spatial feature extraction for additional digital attribution using orthophotos.
  • Integration with other land planning databases enables the development of comprehensive Land Information Systems (LIS).
  • Our GIS analysts are specialized in:
    • Coordinate Geometry (COGO) mapping
    • land-use and zoning integration
    • Web-based data and application hosting and development.


GIS Design and Implementation

  •  ARSG excels at providing innovative solutions for spatial data processing and GIS design.
  •  We have been involved in dozens of projects, each requiring a new, flexible approach and design.
  • Careful attention is paid to needs assessment, project specifications and data, hardware and software requirements.
  •  An initial cost-benefit analysis is often crucial for assessing database design, life cycle costs, staffing requirements and maintenance costs.
  • The process includes developing a detailed project plan, design of the data structure and the production, integration and test of the resulting spatial data.
  •  Availability and distribution of the final data and the internal GIS architecture are meticulously planned.
  • Custom software utilities are often developed to bridge data conversion gaps, reduce barriers and speed data transformation.
  • ARSG provides superior project management, continuous client feedback and detailed reports throughout the project lifecycle.




  • High resolution scanners and powerful image acquisition and processing software are used.
  • Resolution as detailed as 7 microns is possible.
  • Films, contact prints and diapositives can be converted into various digital file formats.
  • Sample scans may be produced for clients for review and approval.


Customized GIS Application Development









ARSGS has industry expertise to develop the customize GIS applications to meet the user requirement .The apllication can be used for spatial database generation and having the facility as per project specifications.

ARSGS’s customizes Web-based GIS to give your users GIS functionality and products through their Web browser. ARSGS’s Web-based solution integrate with enterprise geospatial and tabular databases to seamlessly give users robust query, analysis, and reporting capabilities. ARSGS has application development tools such as ArcIMS, MapGuide, XML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP, and others.


Remote Sensing

ARSGS’s experienced Staff offer the best Remote Sensing services for natural resource mapping. Executed a number of projects in Image Processing, Image Classification, Vector overlay, Georeferencing and Resource Mapping.


Applications for:

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Bio-diversity
  • Defence & Military
  • Environment
  • Geology
  • Mining & Mineral Exploration
  • Oil and Natural Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Town & Country Planning
  • Water Resources & Watershed Modeling
  • Pipeline alignment Studies
  • Transportation